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  Marin Marinov - Choreographer
About Marin Marinov

Marin Marinov was born in 1951 in Sofia, Bulgaria. After completing his education choreography during their military service is two years head of the DNA (House of People's Army) Stara Zagora. After his military service he joined the military in ensemble dancing where 14 years after a severe trauma to pass Department of Defense as chief methodologist responsible for dance activity in DNA-th, universities and military factories.

17-year-old Marin Marinov became Deputy Head of the ensemble Malchika. Then led Electronics, Vodokanal project, Nature and Science, on the 1978th was the deputy leader of the late Dimitar Dimitrov Sredets Ensemble - Sofia, after his death became artistic director.

Mr. Marinov has won many international awards and today, with the ensemble and the ensemble Malchika Sredets was awarded the gold and silver medals from 3rd to 7th republican festivals.

Winner of the plaque of the former Center for amateur art. For 50 years he and his ensemble Sredets were awarded the special prize of a phenomenon - a golden statuette.
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